her possible mouth (suchcartography) wrote,
her possible mouth

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Hope there's someone

So angry lately. Let it go, breathe deep.

All I have ever wanted was for your happiness, even if I did not contribute to it. How could I lose track of that? Go on, little bird. Fly into that warmth and revel! It makes me smile to think of you happy and doing well. It pleases me to think he better compliments you. In all of this, I daresay: I am happy for you.

As for myself...
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It's good that you can at least feel happy for this person if she's happy. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own emotions that I forget about what the other person is going through... or sometimes want somebody to feel just as miserable as I am damn it! Hah, which is such a terrible thing!

But ultimately, to be angry at somebody is mostly punishing yourself because you end up being the miserable one because you're pissed off all the time :\ No fun! But so much easier said than done.