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Heroes. You are like X-Men, but less familiar. I dig.

Art project. You are almost done (I typed 'dong' there originally - that has to be worth a couple of chuckles). I dig you as well.

Nothing new to report. Car getting fixed Friday. nickasaurus on Friday. Friday will be good. :D
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I can't wait to see you, baby! I PROMISE that I will make New Year's better than Christmas. Trust?
Of course I trust. :)
boo for you and your real job. who am I supposed to go get drunk with at Bdubs in the middle of the day? not you!!!! not N either cos she is still in the cle! Boo to ebeth getting drunk at BDubs by herself. Is it new years eve yet? can wait to see you and sexy rexy. harhar. i dont want winter break to ever end.. except for when we go to cali/mexico. when are we gonna talk about graduation vacation?!?!1
I've been off this week, actually. And we can talk about graduation vacation annnny time you want.
1. I miss you.
2. I'll see you today, though!
3. Happy Birthday to Rexie today :o)
4. I still miss you.
5. Let's get married.
6. I'm moving to Columbus!
7. Update your LJ because this is old.
8. See you tonight!!!

That is all.