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I almost didn't write, for fear of sounding dramatic, but. I suppose I'll just say it.

This has been the worst Christmas of my life. I woke to the news that my dad was taking my grandma to the hospital. I was already sort of awake and was putting myself in order, but that had to cease and I ended up just leaving to go get my brother so we could go to my mom's. The day was going to be weird enough, going to my mom's for breakfast (brunch, really) and then to my dad's for dinner...but then Grandma was not good. What were we supposed to say to my mom? She wanted to know, but even said once we'd shared that it was too painful and that we needed to stop talking about it. Fantastic. Dad kept us in the dark all day and I ended up back here, where I finally got to talk to Nickie, but then back to Dad's I went. We ate again and then bummed around until we went to see Grandma - but Dad hit my car backing out of the driveway because he forgot it was there. So cool. Then we went to the hospital to see my poor gramma and I walked out crying. I hated today. No one should ever hate Christmas.

I think that all I want now is to be left alone.
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*hug* So... I'm home through Jan. 6th. I know it's been a good coupla years since I've seen you. Yet we always talk about getting together and catching up. If you want to, give me a call! If you want to vent about anything at all I hear I'm a good listener, otherwise we can just shoot the breeze about the bliss of engaged life :)
Shoot me your number, my friend. :)
Aww, sweetie. It's been a rough holiday for a lot of people, it seems. I'm sorry that you were one of them. I'm thinking of you.
I'm sorry your Christmas wasn't how you wanted it to be. Mine wasn't great either. And I'm sorry we didn't get to talk very much yesterday. I went to bed very, very upset and crying because I felt so terrible that your day was so rough, and I felt terrible that I wasn't there. Really, I wish I could've been with you all day, through all of that. I should have been. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you yesterday. I feel just awful.

Your family is in my prayers (and your car is, too). I can't wait to see you. Nothing feels right. I love you, teensie.